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APW Wyott - 48"" Single C*Radiant Overhead Warmers (Standard Wattage) (FDC-48L)
SKU: P15378
Price: $535.43

Model FDC-48L is APW Wyott’s 48” Single C*Radiant Overhead Warmer. Model FDC-48L is classified as a standard wattage overhead warmer. APW Wyott’s 48” C*Radiant Overhead Warmer uses 1500 watts. When mounting your 48” Single C*Radiant Overhead Warmer be sure to keep it between 16” to 22”. Your standard wattage overhead warmer comes with a standard side-mounted control box. The control box allows you to easily operate your overhead warmer’s temperature. Model FDC-48L measures measuring 6”x 2.5” x 48”, weighing 14 lbs. This is an ideal size for an overhead warmer. Public Kitchen Supply works with manufacturers that strive for quality, like APW Wyott. APW Wyott’s 48” Single C*Radiant Overhead Warmer is UL Listed and UL Sanitation Listed. APW Wyott insures model FDC-48L with a one year limited warranty. This warranty promises to replace your 48” Single C*Radiant Overhead Warmer if it breaks one year from purchase under normal use. APW Wyott’s 48” Single C*Radiant Overehead Warmer is a great choice for your commercial kitchen. Buy with confidence from APW Wyott at Public Kitchen Supply.


  • Model: FDC-48L
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel/Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 48"L x 6"W x 2.5"H
  • Electrical: 1500 Watts
  • Weight: 14lb


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