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APW Wyott - 24"" Single Calrod Overhead Warmer (Energy Efficient) (FD-24L-T)
SKU: P15363
Price: $141.11

This overhead warmer has energy efficient wattage. This energy efficient warmer is a great way to save money and is environmentally friendly. At Public Kitchen Supply we know saving your business money is important. A great way to prevent wasted spending is with energy efficient appliances. The 24” Single Calrod Overhead Warmer will decrease your electric bill. APW Wyott’s 24” Single Calrod Overhead Warmer uses 1480 watts. This model, FD-24L-T, measures 24” long, a great size for your business. Use overhead warmers to keep food warm, at a safe ready to serve temperature. APW Wyott’s 24” single Calrod Overhead Warmer is made out of continuous stainless steel housing, considered the strongest in the industry. The 24” Single Calrod Overhead Warmer will not sag nor warp. Model FD-24L-T has a ceramic pilot light that lights up when the 24” Single Calrod Overhead Warmer is in use. The pilot light will assist employees when they are preparing food under the overhead warmer. Additionally, the pilot light notifies employees with the overhead warmer is being used.


  • Model: FD-24L-T
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel/Ceramic
  • Dimensions:24"L
  • Weight: 17 lbs.
  • Watts: 1480


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