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Certified Safety Mfg - CPR Kit (K203-000)
MODEL: K203-000
SKU: P759
Price: $13.43
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According to the American Heart Association nearly 360,000 people go into cardiac arrest outside of a hospital every year. Many of these people die due to a lack of preparedness. Certified Safety works hard to provide businesses with CPR tools. Products like their CPR Kit is responsible for saving lives. A CPR Kit is necessary for any public establishment to have on hand. A CPR-trained individual will find everything they need to preform CPR in this kit. The Kit comes with two pairs of CPRotector gloves, one pair of nitrile gloves, a disinfectant wipe and two alcohol gels. All of these tools are incredibly important for a restaurant to have. The container itself is high density polypropylene and compatible with most CPR training manikins. Complete instructions inside every package so you can be sure you are performing CPR correctly. Designed for single use and it is disposable. Choose Certified Safety's CPR Kit for your business.


  • (1) 6PW - Empty Poly White (5" x 5" x 2.5")
  • (2) CPRotector - Gloves (5.5"sq)
  • (1) Gloves -Nitrile - ANSI (Large)
  • (1) Disinfectant Wipe - Super Sani-Cloth (5" x 8")
  • (2) Alcohol Gel - ANSI Preferred but Not Required (1 g.)


  • Model: K203-000
  • Color: White/Red
  • Material: Poly White
  • Dimensions: 5"H x 5"W x 2.5"D


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