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Alfi International

Alfi International recognizes that commercial kitchens need high-performance tools that enhance and maximize cooking. Alfi International knows cookware, well. Alfi Internationals knowledge of the food industry comes directly from first-hand experience. Alfi International manufacturing comes from a long line of cooks, classically trained chefs and vegetable growers. Alfi International's direct experience with the restaurant world has inspired them to create products that not only work well in kitchens but are ergonomic, comfortable. Alfi International has a wide, diverse team of employees. Alfi International works with engineers, inventors, professional chefs and project managers. Alfi International even works with people who were trained by the Culinary Institute of America. Alfi International's goal is to develop high functioning cookware that fits your hand well and adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen. Alfi International understands that cooking is much more than just food, its an art. Every artist needs the proper tools to work well. Let Alfi Heritage provide for you. The Alfi International manufacturing page, at Public Kitchen Supply, carries products like all-purpose knives and Front Counter Knife Kits. Alfi Knives on Public Kitchen Supply are great purchase for new restaurants and homes. You can easily buy the kitchen knives you need at an affordable price. Public Kitchen Supply's Alfi Knives are color coded and made out of stainless steel. Alfi International does everything they can to make strong, quality products. Alfi International products work well in home and commercial kitchens. This is a great manufacturing page for virtually anyone who uses knives.

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