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Advanced Flexible Composites

Advanced Flexible Composites is a family owned company, founded in 1988. In less than 30 years Advanced Flexible Composites has become a leader in their field. Advanced Flexible Composites, also known as AFC, creates and sells PTFE and silicon coated fabrics. The PTFE and silicon coated fabrics are used in many ways. You can find AFC products in screen printing, aerospace, food processing, food equipment and other industries. AFC's senior management teams has over 150 years of industry specific experience. At Public Kitchen Supply you can find AFC products like the Toasting Basket for Turbochef and the Wave Tray. The Toasting Basket works with Marrychef and Turbochef Ovens. The Toasting Basket can be used in temperatures between -100 to 550°F. Even better, this basket does not need grease or oil. Its non-stick coating limits calories. Use products like AFC's Wave Tray for other great tasks. The Wave Tray is great for cooking hash browns, to use the Wave Tray just place a paper liner in your toasting basket. The Wave Tray will help you create perfect hash browns, every time. Advanced Flexible Composites well made products are part of the reason for their success but it also stems from their desire to be the most customer-focused supplier in the Industry. Advanced Flexible Composites is focused on providing quality products and award winning customer service to all of their customers. Shop Advanced Flexible Composites at Public Kitchen Supply and see what they're all about.

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