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True Food Service Equipment

True Food Service Equipment prides themselves in having an honest work ethic and genuine customer service. True Food Service Equipment produces only the highest quality products for their customers. Commercial-grade kitchen equipment is True Food Service Equipments strong suit. From large three-section refrigerators and freezers, to small, under the counter refrigerators. True Food Service Equipment manufactures the items that restaurants need most in their professional kitchens. True Food Service Equipment understands that not all kitchens have room for a 72 wide refrigerator, so they manufacture small refrigerators too. True Food Service Equipment takes into consideration the need for low-profile designs and ADA-compliant designs. They manufacture their products from stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel, only the highest quality. Find True Food Service Equipment with Ecomate insulation. Ecomate insulation uses high-density polyurethane to keep food temperate. As the name suggests, Ecomate is environmentally friendly. Ecomate protects the ozone, doing their part to prevent harmful chemicals from radiating from their kitchen equipment. Almost all True Food Service Equipment has the Energy Star Label. The Energy Star Label is given to appliances that are environmentally friendly. Energy Star is an Environmental Protection Agency that helps customers and businesses save money through energy efficient appliances. True Food Service Equipment Manufacturing thinks of everything that your professional kitchen needs. Purchase your food service equipment from a company that goes beyond quality. When you buy from True Food Service Equipment you are contributing to a greener, cleaner world.

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