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On December 4, 1985 Cinnabon opened their first bakery in Seattle, Washington. Cinnabon has become a mouthwatering, sticky treat that people crave. Cinnabon's delectable flavor comes from their signature Makara Cinnamon, from Indonesia. Over the years Cinnabon has incorporated their famous flavor in other products like Cinnabon's Cinnamon Roll K-Cups®. Cinnabon's Cinnamon Roll K-Cups are built for Keurigs. At Public Kitchen Supply we work with famous brands like Cinnabon. Cinnabon has stores all around the world. Cinnabon coffee is a delicious blend that encompasses the flavor of their famous, delicious cinnamon rolls. Cinnabon is committed to using the finest ingredients for the best possible recipes. Cinnabon is constantly trying to improve their product. Cinnabon realizes that continued success comes from innovation, customer satisfaction and quality. You can purchase delicious Cinnabon K-Cups® from Public Kitchen Supply. Shop Cinnabon products for your home or business. Fresh, gourmet coffee is a great way to welcome guests. Offer guests a delicious, fresh cup of coffee in your office or home. You can sell Cinnabon K-Cups® at University book stores or restaurants. Cinnabon works hard to create products that work well.

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