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Admiral Craft Equipment Corporation or Adcraft, started as a small company in 1951. In just over 63 years, Adcraft has become one of the leading industries in the restaurant world. Adcraft sells a wide variety of products. Many of their products are electronic. When you shop Admiral Craft Equipment Corporation you will find glass washers, meat grinders, soup kettles and much more. Adcraft is a great manufacturer to shop if you want to be a brand specific buyer. Many of our customers rely on Adcraft to supply their kitchen supplies. When you shop Admiral Craft Equipment Corporation you're going to find small appliances. Most of these appliances work well in commercial and residential settings. Because Adcraft makes their products open to the public many homes enjoy them too. Our residential buyers particularly like Adcraft's coffee makers and small pizza ovens. Purchasing commercial products for your home is a smart investment. Commercial products almost always last longer than retail products. Commercial products are built to withstand heavy use. When you buy from Admiral Craft Equipment Corporation, you can trust your purchase to last. At Public Kitchen Supply we strive to work with manufactures we can count on. Our experience with Adcraft has been outstanding and we continue to rely on their high tech but practical equipment. Come take a look at what Admiral Craft Equipment Corporation has to offer. We think you'll like what you see.

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