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Berner International Corp

Berner International Corporation is the first manufacturer in the United States to sell air doors. Air doors or air curtains are used to separate two spaces. They are usually placed at a doors entrance. Air doors are used to keep insects and debris out of your business, they keep air conditioned or heated air in your business too while eliminating drafts. Air doors work by having a high face velocity at the opening, this is created by a top-down flow. Berner International Corporation creates some of the best air doors on the market, Erting Berner founded the company in 1956. Berner brought this traditional, European technology to the United States forming Berner International Corporation. Berner International Corporation creates award winning air doors and products. The company's success comes from a highly skilled staff and the best air door materials. Knowledgeable employees combined with excellent materials allows Berner to create the most affordable, reliable and efficient air doors on the market. Berner International Corporation and Public Kitchen Supply listens to their customers. Berner knows the best way to learn is through experience and constructive criticism. Berner International and Public Kitchen Supply welcomes advice and comments from customers. After over 50 years in the air door industry, Berner has earned a reputation for excellence. When you shop Berner at Public Kitchen Supply expect superb customer service, innovation, performance and quality. Public Kitchen Supply and Berner International Corporation will do everything in their power to bring your business the best air doors at the best price.

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