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Chef shoes have come a long way. Brands like MOZO Shoes has helped develop chef shoes that are comfortable, stylish and affordable. MOZO Shoes is dedicated to producing revolutionary footwear for the restaurant world. MOZO Shoes knows that chef shoes need to be durable and temperature resistant. MOZO Shoes should prevent falls in the kitchen but still work well as street wear. When you shop this brand you will find shoes like the MOZO, Women's Green Sport Canvas Shoes. The Women's Green Sport Canvas Shoes are part of the Cat Cora Farmers Market Collection. These shoes can be used at work and at home. The shoes have a quilted padded lining and midsole cushioning. The shoes are slip resistant too, making them restaurant safe. If you're looking for a more traditional shoe, consider MOZO Men's Forza Shoe. The Mens Forza Shoe is a part of the classic MOZO collection. This shoe is built to keep feet comfortable. It has lightweight cushioning and shock absorption. The toe of the shoe as a protective cap, protecting you from any dropped objects. MOZO shoes are great for restaurant kitchens but they work well in other places too. MOZO Shoes have excellent arch support, a great quality for anyone standing on their feet all day. Check out Public Kitchen Supply's MOZO's manufacturer page, we have many options. Public Kitchen Supply's MOZO Shoe page, at Public Kitchen Supply, is a great place to get your chef shoes..

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