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3M manufacturing was founded in Two Harbors, Minnesota, in 1902. 3M is a large, growing company that focuses on cleaning products. 3M manufacturing creates items like scouring and scrub sponges. These sponges are perfect for tough stains on cookware and on appliances. Use 3M sponges in commercial and residential kitchens. 3M develops other products like water filter assemblies. Water filter assemblies keep water fresh and free of harmful chemicals. 3M manufacturing works hard to develop products that work well in all kitchens. Their cleaning products are continually applauded by the restaurant world, ensuring effectiveness. For over 100 years 3M manufacturing has been growing and adapting. Adding more products and services throughout the years. 3M is ranked number fourteen in the Bluefin Elastic Innovation Index of 50 global companies. 3M's innovative products and service helps improve other businesses, like restaurants. 3M tries to create products that will help your business succeed. Because 3M manufacturing works well in multiple industries, even in homes, this is a good company to shop even if it's for residential use. Cleaning tools are necessary in every home and business. Choose a manufacturer who has proven to be a smart, innovative company. Public Kitchen Supply encourages you to shop 3M for sponges, water filter assemblies and other products. At Public Kitchen Supply we work with manufacturers who have earned positive, well known reputations in their industry. 3M is one of the many manufacturers Public Kitchen Supply proudly carries.

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