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Chicken Slicer Parts

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Cutting chicken can be a timely task, especially in busy commercial kitchens. Save time with Nemco's Easy Chicken Slicer. The Easy Chicken Slicer is made out of aluminum and stainless steel. It's capable of cutting cooked chicken that's breaded or grilled. When you use Nemco's Easy Chicken Slicer you'll produce perfect, professional cuts of chicken. Chefs know that uniformity is key in the restaurant world. While Nemco's Easy Chicken Slicer is a helpful tool it would be useless without its blades. Blades can quickly become dull over time or even lost in restaurant kitchens. If you ever need to replace your Easy Chicken Slicer's blades you can in Public Kitchen Supply's Chicken Slicer Parts. Nemco's Scalloped Blade Assembly will cut directly through chicken.

It's made to be an exact replica of the Easy Chicken Slicer's original Scalloped Blade Assembly. In the Chicken Slicer Parts Category you will find this replacement part for 1/2", 1/4", and 3/8" Easy Chicken Slicer. If you own Nemco's Easy Chicken Slicer, Public Kitchen strongly recommends browsing the Chicken Slicer Parts Category. If you have any questions you can contact Public Kitchen Supply at 1-800-458-1716. Speak with a sales representative online by clicking on the live chat button at the top right hand corner of your screen. At Public Kitchen supply we are committed to quality customer service and respectable products. You will be more than satisfied with Nemco's Easy Chicken's Scalloped Blade Assembly. Shop Public Kitchen Supply's Chicken Slicer Parts Category.
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