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Seafood Prep

Prepping seafood can be a hassle, to say the least. Deveining shrimp and shucking oysters takes time, money, and energy. Businesses often have to choose between hours of food prep or time spent on other kitchen tasks. Public Kitchen Supply's Seafood Prep category reduces seafood prep time significantly. In this helpful category you will find products like Nemco's ProShucker Power Shell Separator. This product is designed to quickly open up to a dozen oysters in only one minute. The separator eliminates the danger of knives and will not degrade the oyster's meat. Nemco also created products like the ShrimpPro Power Shrimp Cutter and Deveiner, along with the Easy Tuna Press.

Nemco's ShrimpPro Power Shrimp Cutter and Devein will devein, cut, and butterfly thousands of shrimp in a single hour. The Easy Tuna Press was created to remove excess water from canned tuna quickly and easily for better tuna patties. The Tuna press will work well with other fish too like salmon or crab. The products in Public Kitchen Supply's Seafood Prep category are very beneficial. They will save your business incredible amounts of time and labor. Most of the products in this category are NSF listed, promising to withstand heavy-duty ware and tare. An NSF listing also affirms a product's safety. Public Kitchen Supply's Seafood Prep equipment is food safe. Improve your restaurant's performance with products from the Seafood Prep category. You will be amazed what food prep equipment can do for your business's profits and performance.

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