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Vegetable/Fruit Cutter

We have a limited quantity of vegetable and fruit cutters available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Fruit And Vegetable Prep Tools at JES Restaurant Equipment.

For quick, effective ways to cut fruits and vegetables, shop Public Kitchen Supply's Vegetable/Fruit Cutter category. In the Vegetable/Fruit Cutter category we work with manufacturers like Nemco. Nemco has created a wide range of produce cutters that will work wonders in your restaurant or commercial kitchen. In Public Kitchen Supply's Vegetable/Fruit Cutter category you will find equipment like Nemco's Easy Slicer Vegetable Slicer. This machine is designed to produce uniformly slice fresh vegetables in seconds. It will work well with veggies like tomatoes and bell peppers. This slicer will work well in any kitchen with a flat surface, like a countertop.

Another great product in the Vegetable/Fruit Cutter category are Nemco's Section Easy Wedgers. Nemco sells this product in various styles but their function is the same. Use Nemco's Easy Wedger to cut perfect lemon wedges every time. This is a great purchase for businesses that serve lemon with beverages, seafood, or any other dish, Lemons are commonly requested in a restaurant. Save time, prep, and labor with one purchase. In Public Kitchen Supply's Vegetable/Fruit Cutter category you will find many products that will aid your restaurant or culinary business. Public Kitchen Supply is dedicated to finding equipment that will improve your restaurant's overall performance. We are confident that you will discover products in the Vegetable/Fruit Cutter category that will significantly improve your establishment. Choose Public Kitchen Supply for your smallwares and kitchen equipment. We have what you need.

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