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Underliner Plate

We have a limited quantity of underliner plates available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Underliner Plates at JES Restaurant Equipment.

Sizzle platters are a great way to serve countless food. They offer an attractive platting design that promises as tasty performance. Sizzle platters are great for fajitas, seared scallops, grilled foods and much more. While Sizzle Platters are a great way to serve and present food they can get very hot. When you purchase a sizzle platter you will need to buy an underliner. Underliners are a great way to protect your customers and servers hands. In Public Kitchen Supply's underliners category you will come across countless options.

You can find brown, classic wooden underliners or underliners painted in vibrant colors. Discover underliners in numerous shapes and sizes. In Public Kitchen Supply's underliners category you will find underliners that match nearly all of our sizzle platters. Public Kitchen Supply works with manufactures like Lodge and Update International in the underliners category. We carry products like Update International's 11" Fajita Platter Underliner. This underliner was designed with Mexican restaurants in mind. Lodge crafts underliners like the 7.5" Square Wonder Skillet Underliner, an ideal choice for square shaped skillets. Lodge proudly makes the majority of their underliners in the United States.

Public Kitchen Supply's underliners category is a great place to stop and shop if you own a sizzle platter or small, cast iron skillet. Browse through this category and we're sure you'll find something you like. Products in our underliners category will increase your sizzle platter's or cast iron skillet's value. Underliners are the perfect accessory to your Sizzle Platters, they won't be complete without it.

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