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Sizzle Platters

We have a limited quantity of sizzle platters available on our site.
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Sizzle platters, best known for carrying delicious fajita ingredients, are what you'll find within this category. With the options of griddles or underliners, you have the choice to mix and match as you choose. While some, you can buy as sets, most of the products here are sold separately. Browse our wide assortment of sizzle griddles. You'll find ones with handles, ones handleless, others rimmed, and so forth. Match those with the underliner of your liking. Most of our underliners are made out of wood, making them cool to the touch even with the griddle is still sizzling from the heat. Wood makes them sturdy and able to be handled without burning a server's hand or the table its set upon. A few of the underliners you'll find are provided in range of colors from red to yellow to lime green - perfect for helping you to match your restaurants decor and plate color.

Sizzle platters are the one item that lets your customers know you serve the best fajitas. When that smell enters the dining room, everyone turns to look and see who made the choice to get your fajitas. Fajitas aren't limited to the only dish for sizzle platters. Serving Carne Asada or grilled fish can also be perfect entrees meant for a sizzle platter. Consider a cheese dip or spinach artichoke dip also, giving it a easy way to share amongst a table. The standard wide and flat surface provides a way to fit a lot of food on a plate and keep it sizzling hot ll the way to your customer. Sizzle platters and sizzle underliners can give your restaurant a boost in food presentation, everyone knows how they expect certain food to be presented, don't let them down by serving fajitas on a boring plate. Don't neglect or discount what the simple kitchen smallware can do for you.
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