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Deep down, we can never have too many cookbooks. Regardless if you are starting out as a home cook, or you're a head chef of a five-star restaurant, you have a love for cookbooks. They can teach you new tricks and techniques or simply make you use something old in a new way. Every chef has their own style to cooking. How they season their food, the type of pan they may use, the type of baking decoration process they use - we all can learn a thing or two from a cookbook. The cookbooks that we supply at Public Kitchen Supply are for chefs of all skill-levels. There's baking, grilling, outdoor and indoor cooking cookbooks to choose from. Two of our manufacturers supply a variety of these: Lodge manufacturing and Sasa Demarle.

From Lodge, you'll find an assortment of cookbooks related to cast iron cooking. These are perfect if you already enjoy grilling or if you're just starting to learn this skill. Cooking with cast iron for the first time can be a bit of a different setting for a cook that's used to non-stick or aluminum skillets. The preparation process as well as the clean-up process tends to create a complicated matter and having a cookbook specifically for cast iron cooking can make the process much simpler. It can even help prevent a new user from ruining their expensive cookware.

You can also choose some cookbooks from Sasa Demarle that will teach you how to work with the flexible baking molds that is Demarle's specialty. One of the bestselling cookbooks is the Exceptional Excursions with Flexipan cookbook that includes recipes from chefs all over the world that share how they use their flexipans. It gives a chef more ideas of flavors and tastes based on cultures and inspires new ways of cooking. Consider purchasing a cookbook for yourself or for a gift, everyone will love them!
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