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Grill Scrapers

We have a limited quantity of grill scrapers available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Grill Scrapers at JES Restaurant Equipment.

Grills get messy after making dinnertime staples like steaks and burgers. When your grill calls for a good-cleaning, choose Public Kitchen Supply's grill scrapers category. Shop this selection for various grill scrapers that will spruce up your commercial and residential grills or grill pans. In Public Kitchen Supply's grill scrapers category we work with manufacturers like Lodge, Mundial, Nemco and Update International to provide an assortment of grill scrapers that will work well in your business or home.

Find products like Lodge's durable polycarbonate pan scraper. This specific product includes one red scraper and one black scraper. Each scraper has two sets of "teeth" designed to fit between the grooves of any Lodge Grill Pan, making it easy to clean out the left-behind food with simple swipes. Purchase Lodge's polycarbonate pan scraper when your purchase a grill pan from Lodge. Likewise, there's other products within this category that are made for flat pans or grills without the "teeth". These will easily scrap off baked-on carbon on grills. Save your favorite grills with the grill scrapers within this section.

Public Kitchen Supply's grill scrapers category is filled with scrapers that will clean your favorite grills well. For chefs that use their grill often, we suggest adding multiple grill scrapers to their kitchen.

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