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Pot Holders

A pot holder, found in every kitchen across the globe is meant for protecting all the chefs who cook with hot pots and pans. Grabbing a hot pan out of an oven is sure to cause bodily harm at temperatures between 250°F - 500°F and above, pot holders are designed to protect those fingers.

Choosing the right pot holder for the job can be a task though. There are many different options to choose from with many different kinds of material and many different manufacturers. If you already have a favorite, search for that; if you don't, do some research based on your needs. What temperatures will you be dealing with and how often will you be utilizing the pot holder? Our selection includes manufacturers like San Jamar and Chef Revival, Lodge, and Update International to provide you with protection all through the cooking process. All of these companies will give you the quality that you want from a product that is designed for safety.

You'll notice though, that most pot holders have a similar make-up in their construction they're either round or square and there are certain materials that protect against heat better than others. Our bestsellers often includes one that contains silicone, a great heat protector, or one that has terry cloth, again, as the fibers are more dense providing great heat protection. Other materials will include neoprene-like to also protect against heat. All of these will protect you from burns when handling a casserole dish or a dutch oven that are piping hot, but some will protect you more than others. Consider what it is that you will be handling and ensure that the one that you are using is protected up that temperature. Some are designed for high-heat others are designed for lower heat. Shop appropriately and trust the items you find on this page at Public Kitchen Supply.


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