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We have a limited quantity of trivets available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Trivets at JES Restaurant Equipment.

At Public Kitchen Supply we aim to be your one-stop-shop. We have worked to obtain nearly any product your kitchen needs to run smoothly. Protect your countertops and tables from heat stains and mess with trivets. Trivets are a great way to decorate your kitchen or a dining room while also having an important role. They provide a secure placement for your dishes and are important to use with hot skillets because they prevent damage.

In Public Kitchen Supply's trivets selection you will find several trivets for your home or restaurant. Choose between colors like green, red, white or yellow. You can choose to purchase Lodge's trivets individually or in sets of twelve. Trivets are an easy way to refresh your kitchen's design. Adding a fresh, colorful trivet will transform your dining room table.

Trivets not only protect countertops from heat stains and food but they are helpful for food safety. Trivets can provide a clean, safe place to prep food especially in residential kitchens. Bring your trivets on camping trip or picnic. Provide a clean place to dine even in the great outdoors. Your campers will appreciate an attractive, clean area to rest food and utensils. Public Kitchen Supply's trivets category is a great place to shop for countless environments. Be sure to check-out this category.

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