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Casserole Dish

We have a limited quantity of casserole dishes and roasting pans available on our site.
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Consider all the different ways you can use a casserole dish; there is many. Home cooks use it to feed their families a home-cooked meal, chefs use it to prepare entrees and it can even be used for desserts. It’s made to be cooked in, but often times people use it solely to serve, given it’s large dimensions. Casserole dishes are one of the most popular styles of cookware available because of its simple versatility.

One of the greatest features of a casserole dish is that you can bake in them and then follow it up by serving out of the same dish. When you have to bake in one dish, and transfer to another, it can remove the just-cooked look that a dish can develop when it melts onto the sides. Serving with the casserole dish makes it aesthetically pleasing as well as a delight to the rest of the senses.

When you bake in a casserole dish, you allow food to brown and inspire a home-cooked and baked-with-love appearance that you can’t achieve with any other serving dish. Most of the casserole dishes that you will find here are what you would expect of a casserole dish. They are oval in shape, with a deep bowl area, perfect for baking the standard “casserole” foods like baked macaroni and cheese, lasagna, shepherd’s pie and green bean casserole.

Used within the oven, these dishes are often cooked uncovered over longer periods of time to create an even, delicious taste throughout all the layers of ingredients. Casseroles aren’t just meant to feed people; within the US society, casseroles are shared with others as a sign of comfort.

A casserole dish, from our main manufacturer Lodge, is high quality and versatile enough to switch between home use and restaurant use. You’ll appreciate the gorgeous gradient effects on some of these dishes. From the restaurant kitchen to the home kitchen, the deep blue to the candy apple red, shades, you’ll be sure to find the perfect baking dish for your needs.

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