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Crepe Maker

Never underestimate the power of a good crepe. Originating in France, this food style has made waves in recent years not only on the dessert menu but also on the entrée menu. With the right tools, a crepe can become your newest bestseller at your restaurant. Consider adding a Crepe Maker to your restaurant kitchen and you're customers will be intrigued by the versatility of the food. The Discus Crepe Maker from Equipex is a great item within this Crepe Machine category. It includes the machine itself as well as a batter spreader tool that is a necessity for creating the perfectly round and fluffy crepe. If you're buying a commercial crepe maker for your dessert menu, consider loading it with chocolate and strawberries for a sweet flavor. If you're wanting to test it on your dinner menu, you've got a variety of options including creamy mushrooms or sautéed spinach fillings. A crepe takes very little time to prepare but delivers a rich reward to your customers. A crepe maker is a simple piece of commercial restaurant equipment however, the simple tool can heat up to 550°F quickly, an important component when you add this to a buffet bar and your customers wait in line for a custom crepe. High quality stainless steel makes the Crepe Makers in this category ideal for commercial kitchen use and is durable enough for catering and other uses that require the portability of a crepe maker. A crepe can be a wise investment for a chef to learn and embrace.

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