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Plate Dispensers

We have a limited quantity of plate and dish dispensers available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Plate Dispensers at JES Restaurant Equipment.

Plate Dispensers are ideal for self-serve restaurants. They allow dishes to be distributed quickly, saving time. Saving time is difficult in a commercial kitchen but plate dispensers can help. Public Kitchen Supply's Plate Dispensers Category carries many manufacturers. The Plate Dispensers Category works with businesses like APW Wyott. APW Wyott creates plate dispensers in many styles. You will be able to find plate dispensers in a large range of prices and styles. Choose from plate dispensers like APW Wyott's Adjustube II Heated/Shielded Drop-In Lowerator Dispenser. This plate dispenser has a field adjustable weight and diameter. The Adjustube Heated/Shielded Drop-In Lowerator Dispenser works bests with plates that measure 9.25" to 11. 88". The dispenser has a 14. 31" cut out, for installing into counter-tops. In Public Kitchen Supply's Plate Dispensers Category we have dispensers that are heated and cool. Cool plates keep salad crisp and delicious while warm plates keep steaks steaming. Plate Dispensers are ideal for buffets, cafeterias and dining halls but they work well in the back of the house too. Find basic, classic plate dispensers like APW Wyott's Shielded/Unheated Drop-in Dispensers. This dispenser is one of our less expensive models. It works well with plates between 5.13" to 5.75" in diameter. Public Kitchen Supply's Plate Dispensers Category carries the dispensers you need for your restaurant. Consider shopping the Plate Dispensers Category for your commercial kitchen. At Public Kitchen Supply we work hard to provide you with award winning brands. You can count on us to supply the best products for your kitchen. When it comes to your commercial Plate Dispensers, choose Public Kitchen Supply.


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