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Deck Ovens

Deck ovens heat and bake food directly. Heat travels directly from the oven's deck to the food product being baked. This process helps food cook faster. Deck ovens will create the perfect environment for your pastries and other baked goods. In Public Kitchen Supply's Deck Oven category you will find ovens that will provide even, consistent heating. Deck ovens are known for creating a superior quality of food. Public Kitchen Supply works with manufacturers like APW Wyott in the Deck Oven category. APW Wyott uses materials like stainless steel and aluminized steel to build their deck ovens. These materials work well together. If you own a bakery or rely on a commercial oven, Public Kitchen Supply encourages you to shop the Deck Ovens category. Ovens in this category will help you double your cooking capacity in one compact appliance. Deck ovens are typically easy to clean.

Typically, the oven's decks are removable for quick, easy cleaning. In Public Kitchen Supply's Deck Ovens category you will find ovens that will function well in residential settings. Please, note that all of our products are available to the public but they are typically commercial quality. Measures your kitchen and check your kitchen's electrical standards. Public Kitchen Supply's Deck Oven category has the tools you need to upgrade your bakery.

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