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Smoking Receptacles

Smoking receptacles keep a business' grounds clean and litter free. It is important to provide customers with a place to throw away cigarettes. Cigarette collectors not only prevent litter but also prevent fires. When a cigarette butt is not properly extinguished it can easily lead to a fire. Prevent fires before they happen by purchase a smoking receptacle. We work with companies like Continental Commercial and Rubbermaid for the very best smoking receptacles.

Purchase products like Rubbermaid's Groundskeeper Cigarette Collector. This cigarette collector is made out of an inner galvanized steel canister. It works by restricting the flow of oxygen putting cigarettes out immediately. The cigarette collectors steel base plate keeps it in place. You can find other products in this category like Continental Commercial's Gray Classic Smoking Receptacle. This smoking receptacle function similar to the Groundskeeper Cigarette Collector. It has a plastic casing allowing it to be weather resistant, an important quality for any outdoor smoking receptacle. Choose a smaller smoking receptacle like Rubbermaid's Infinity Wall-Mount Smoking Receptacle that mounts to the wall, taking up less walk space.

The smoking receptacle category is a great category for bars and grills or other establishments that may need to rid of cigarettes. Place smoking receptacles near outdoor employee break areas. Adding a smoking receptacle to the outside of your business is a quick way of keeping your business clean. Keep your business professional, hygienic and safe.

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