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We have a limited quantity of brushes available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Pastry Brushes at JES Restaurant Equipment.

Professional pastry brushes are a great way to neatly baste, oil or butter foods. You can use pastry brushes to butter and oil bakeware too! Pastry brushes make it easy to coat foods and baking equipment. Public Kitchen Supply's Brushes selection is must for anyone that owns a bakery or simply enjoys baking. In this category you will find manufacturers like Carlisle and Update International. The manufacturers in our brushes category work hard to create reliable and professional bakery brushes.

Discover products like Carlisle's 2" Nylon Pastry Brush. This pastry brush has smooth plastic handles that are easy to clean. The brush's bristles are epoxy-set to ferrules to prevent bacteria buildup. This is an excellent feature that will help keep you and your customers healthy. Carlisle's 2" Nylon Pastry Brush is one of the most durable brushes on the market. If you're looking for a classic, wooden pastry brush then checkout Update International's 1.5" Wood Pastry Brush. This inexpensive brush is perfect for bakeries. Its sturdy natural, wood handle looks great in any bakery. The 1.5" Wood Pastry Brush is an inexpensive choice that will perform well. When it comes to pastry brushes, Public Kitchen Supply has them. Our pastry brushes are inexpensive yet high quality.

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