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Waiter Accessories

Waiters and waitresses need a few basic accessories in order to perform their jobs well. At Public Kitchen Supply, we know what servers need to be successful. In our waiter accessories category you will find products every server needs.

We cannot stress the importance of products like Update International's 14" Grip Tight Round Tray. The 14" Grip Tight Round Tray has an especially tight grip allowing servers to have a firm hold. Serving Round Trays help waiters and waitresses carry dishes to tables without making multiple trips. Update International's Grip Tight Round Tray will help with speed and proficiency. You can purchase the 14" Grip Tight Round Tray in 16" too. Update International's 31" Chrome Tray Stand pairs perfectly with the Grip Tight Round Tray. Use the 31" Chrome Tray Stand when serving a large table. Allow food and drinks to be served efficiently without the wait. The 31" Chrome Tray Stand features chrome plated tubing and top bars for a strong hold you can trust. We recommend purchasing a Grip Tight Round Tray with the 31" Chrome Tray Stand.

Servers understand the importance of these two basic waiter accessories. You can find other serving accessories in our waiter accessories category. If you're aiming for a find dining experience purchase San Jamar's White Waiter's Gloves. These gloves are washing machine safe: made out of 86% cotton and 14% PVC. San Jamar's White Waiter's Gloves add an immediate touch of professionalism to your restaurant or catering company. In the waiter accessories category you will find products that will enhance your business while assisting your wait staff.

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