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General Cleaning Supplies

Our General Cleaning Supplies includes sub-categories: chemicals, cleaning tools and kitchen cleaning supplies. The Cleaning Supplies category includes products that work well in commercial and residential kitchens. The Cleaning Supplies category includes manufacturers like Update International , Chemco and Continental Commercial and includes helpful chemicals like Chemco's Concrete Cleaner.

Chemco's Concrete Cleaner is a powerful cleaner that lifts off grime, motor oil, dirt and others stains. To use the concrete cleaner just pour on the stain, scrub and rinse clean. You can use Chemco's Concrete Cleaner to clean Drive-Thrus, Gas Islands and other concrete surfaces. Chemco's Concrete Cleaner is a great chemical for fast food restaurants and food trucks. These type of businesses know that stains must be removed from the exterior of their restaurant.

In the General Cleaning Supplies category you can find kitchen cleaning equipment. This category includes products that work well in homes and businesses. Continental Commercial's Utility Brush and Update Internationals Pot Scrubber are durable dishwashing equipment, perfect for all kitchens. You can even find mops and mop buckets. Mop Buckets are great for large, public settings that have many floors to mop. Purchase cleaning tools like Continental Commercial's Mop Bucket and Wringer Combo. The Mop Bucket and Wringer Combo works well in restaurants, schools and institutions.

Cleanliness is critical to a business's success. Practicing regular cleaning reduces the spread of disease and keeps businesses attractive. General Cleaning supplies is necessary for every business and home. We encourage you to shop Public Kitchen Supply's General Cleaning category.

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