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Faucet Handles

A broken faucet handle on a kitchen or bathroom sink can make it challenging to turn water on and off. Failure to have working faucet handles can result in wasted water or unwashed hands. Either or, wasted water or unwashed hands are detrimental to business, especially restaurants. You can prevent inflated utility expenses and poor hygiene simply by replacing your broken faucet handles.

Public Kitchen Supply knows that finding replacement parts can be extremely difficult. We worked hard with Krowne and Rubbermaid to provide you with universal faucet handles. Krowne and Rubbermaid are known for their quality products and customer satisfaction. At Public Kitchen Supply we work with manufacturers that have a well-known, positive reputation in the restaurant community. Shop our Faucet Handles Category for sturdy, classic handles.

Practicing proper hand hygiene is one of the most important steps public health can take to prevent the spread of germs. Its especially important that the food industry practices good hand hygiene because its extremely easy for bacteria to spread when eating. When a bathroom is dirty or has broken parts it discourages people from washing their hands. Dirty and broken bathrooms affect how customers perceive your restaurants cleanliness as well. Be sure that all of your faucet handles are working well for a safe, healthy, successful restaurant.

At Public Kitchen Supply you will find faucet handles in several different styles, find the one that works best for your restroom. Our faucet handles work well in commercial and residential settings. Promote cleanliness and save water by replacing your bathroom's broken faucet handles.

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