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Blender Lids

Blender lids are visibly an important part of blenders, they contain the contents of a blender jar, especially while blending. Without blender lids, kitchens would be exposed to a mess and the blender would be difficult, if not impossible to use.

Our Replacement Blender Lids category ensures your blender will not become useless if you lose a blender top. We offer blender lids from manufacturers like Blendtec and Vitamix. Blendtec and Vitamix are known for their superior products. The juicing and restaurant community are continually applauding these two manufacturers for their innovation, flexibility and design. At Public Kitchen Supply we work with companies that have our goals in mind, customer satisfaction and quality products at a competitive price.

Our Blender Lids category offers a large assortment of lids. Customers can choose from colored lids, clear lids and black lids. Colored lids are a great way to color code allergy alert blenders. At Public Kitchen Supply we think its important to have a diverse listing of products, even if their function is the same. Find a replacement lid for your Vitamix 48 oz. Blender or a Red Blendtec Hard Blender Lid. We have lids for small and large blenders.

At Public Kitchen Supply we try to stock products that are regularly needed by the restaurant community. We recognize that replacement parts often go forgotten by retail stores, we eliminate this problem. When you visit Public Kitchen Supply we will do everything we can to leave you happy and prepared. 

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