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Baby Changing Station


Baby changing stations are incredibly helpful for parents. When a baby changing station isn't available parents become frustrated and end up looking for any place they can find to change their baby. When a baby's diaper needs to be changed, they cannot simply wait until they get home, parents need a place to change their children.

At Public Kitchen Supply we recommend adding a baby changing table to both men's and women's restrooms. Find baby changing stations and accessories from Continental Commercial and World Dryer . The baby changing station category contains products like Continental Commercial's Horizontal Baby Changing Station. This changing station is large, and can accommodate children who weigh up to 50 lbs. The Horizontal Baby Changing Station has a deep bed with an adjustable safety belt. The safety belt will keep children safe and secure while their parent is changing them. The last thing you want is offering an unsecure baby changing station that allows a child to roll off the table.

If you already have a baby changing station or are purchasing one, don't forget the changing table liners. The DryBaby changing table liners, that we offer, contain 500 liners per box. DryBaby changing table liners prevent the spread of disease, they promote good hygiene. There are many germs on changing tables, World Dryer aims to reduce the spread of germs with their DryBaby changing table Liners. The DryBaby changing table liners measure 6" x 5" x 2", they are made out of 3-ply tissue paper. World Dryer's DryBaby changing table liners can be used on any changing table.

At Public Kitchen Supply we understand the importance of baby changing stations. We created the baby changing stations category for parents and family style restaurants. Families will appreciate your thoughtfulness, add a baby changing station your commercial restrooms.

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