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Keurig Brewing System

Keurig Brewing Systems are one of the newest and greatest pieces of technology introduced into the kitchen appliance sphere. A Keurig Brewing System can brew one beverage at a time, one cup at a time. With a variety of options, everyone can find a Keurig Brewing System to fit their needs. You'll find the K10 MINI Plus Brewer, perfect for home or dorm use. Or, if you're a public establishment, there are options for commercial use like the K140, K145, K150, as well as others. The K150 Brewer is the perfect Keurig Brewer for commercial use as it is NSF certified. An NSF certification is necessary for usage in restaurants, making this a great addition to a diner or even a convenience store that has individuals wanting coffee in intervals. All of these Keurig Systems also feature an energy saving on/off mode that powers itself off after a specified length of time, saving you money and preventing possible fires. Do you run a hotel? The K130 Brewing System was designed with hotels in mind. With a single-use water reservoir, it is perfect for hotel rooms that constantly are changing hands. There's no need to worry about stagnant water or a customer forgetting to empty it after their stay, it's truly intended to be housekeeping-friendly.

Keurig considers all types of environments when they develop and add new product lines. Most recently, they've considered more high-capacity systems such as their K3000SE Commercial Brewer that can handle cup after cup after cup in its one-cup design. The newest product, however, is the Keurig Bolt. Straying a bit from their one-cup design - this is a one-pot design. Still with the pod-based design, users can choose to make one pot of one coffee flavor at a time. The Keurig Bolt Commercial Brewer truly revolutionizes coffee making and Keurig Brewing Systems. Public Kitchen Supply is proud to stock and supply Keurig Coffee Brewers and we're sure you'll find a Keurig Brewing System to fit the needs of your home, restaurant, office, or convenience store.

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