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Chef Hats & Gloves

Chef hats and gloves could potentially be one of the most important pieces of a chef uniform that a chef wears. Not only are chefs known for wearing the classic tall white chef hat, but it's more important than that. Chef hats and hairnets are designed to keep hair out of a chef's face as well as out of a customer's food. Choose from a selection such as the classic chef hat, a baseball cap, or a hair net, among other styles of chef hats. Any and all of these options will do the job that needs to be accomplished in a professional kitchen setting.

The chef gloves part of the chef hats and gloves selection are more than a simple glove. These are instead mainly cut-resistant gloves although there is a variety of other gloves found in this section as well. Cut-resistant gloves are the best for chefs or butchers. If you're cutting large pieces of meats with extremely sharp knives, these will help protect your fingers from possible injury. They're made of special knit material that allow you to perform your job while protecting you more than standard cloth could.

If a chef needs to protect their food from possible hair contamination while also protecting their fingers from nicks, consider the items found in this chef hats and gloves category. The variety of styles and uses make sure this category is one that all chefs should browse on a routine basis.
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