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Chef Shirts & Jackets

When you don a chef shirt and jacket everyone around you immediately knows that you are the chef in charge of that kitchen. The food is your responsibility and the quality of service is your responsibility. You want to make sure you look the part when you step into or step out of that kitchen.

Supplied mainly by Chef Revival , our stock of chef shirts and jackets come in a variety of styles and a variety of colors to choose from. We know you'll find a chef jacket and shirt that will allow you to stand out amongst a crowded kitchen. Have your head chef wear our Crew Jacket in the bright tomato color and the line cooks wear a white cook shirt to create an obvious distinction.

All the chef shirts and jackets available on Public Kitchen Supply are perfect for both professional and amateur chefs whether they have years under their belt or are just getting started. Most of these chef uniform pieces are poly-cotton blends for easy washing and lightweight material. Chefs know that it can get hot when you are both standing over a hot stove that never turns off during a 8 hour shift, but also while wearing long sleeves.

The double-breasted chef jackets work hard to keep a chef protected from flames, cuts and the assortment of other kitchen dangers, but can also make a chef extremely hot. The lightweight blends of these jackets will help keep your chef from becoming too hot under the pressure. Choose from the styles and colors of Chef Revival's chef shirts and jackets to look the part while serving delectable dishes in your restaurant.
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