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Chef Waist Aprons

Waist aprons are great to use as server aprons and waitress aprons. Both of those foodservice positions need a place to store their pens, straws, guest check presenters and more. All of these items, a waiter can be asked for at any second.

A chef waist apron from a manufacturer like Chef Revival will keep employees going without having to waste time going back to a waiter station for things like napkins or straws. These waist aprons include pockets and are great for both waiters and chefs. Included in this selection is also longer bistro aprons that will reach down to the wearer's knees for complete coverage from splashes and spills. These chef waist aprons can also be ideal for creating the "bistro look" at a European café when your servers or host don a white ankle-length bistro apron.

While our selection of bistro aprons only come in white or black, our shorter waist apron selection ranges in colors from the classic black and white to stylish burgundy or navy. Given the colors available, you'll find an apron sure to match your current uniform. Also consider the four-way style apron or the reversible aprons that we have included on our website. Those can be flipped and flipped some more if you get your chef waist apron dirty in the middle of your shift.

Chef waist aprons get the job done and make certain you look superb while you wear it. Shop our affordably priced stock for all your chef waist apron needs at Public Kitchen Supply. You'll be sure that our items will hold up and keep you moving.
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