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Meat Grinder

Meat Grinders are a staple kitchen tool. Meat Grinders are a great way to make fresh, delicious meats. Shop Public Kitchen Supply's Meat Grinder category. Our Meat Grinders category works with brands like Adcraft. Adcraft provides meat grinders like the #12 Head Electric Meat Grinder. This grinder is made from cast aluminum and can handle heavy amounts of meat. This unite features a stainless steel t-head screws, propeller and two grinder plates. It is considered a course and medium size grinder. Make fresh sausage, spicy meatball and hamburger patties with Adcrafts #12 Head Electric Meat Grinder. Adcraft's #22 Head Electric Meat Grinder has a similar build to Adcraft's #12 Head Electric Meat Grinder.

The biggest difference between the Adcraft #22 Grinder and the Adcraft #12 Grinder is the #22 Grinder can hold more meat at once. Adcraft #22 has overload protection and reverse function for unjamming. Shop Public Kitchen Supply's Meat Grinder category for sturdy, long lasting grinders. At Public Kitchen Supply we work with the best. You can trust manufactures like Adcraft. Adcraft's #12 and #22 Meat Grinders are protected by Admiral Craft Equipment Corporations one year limited warranty. If either of these products fail under normal use, Adcraft will replace repair your purchase. Purchase a meat grinder that is ensured. Public Kitchen Supply is confident that Adcraft Meat Grinders will be in your restaurant kitchen for years to come. Our Meat Grinder category is a great section for delis, butchers and commercial kitchens.

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