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Warewashing Apparel

Warewashing apparel provides the protection you need to keep uniforms dry and clean when washing dishes. In the warewashing apparel category you can find manufacturers like Chef Revival and San Jamar.

The warewashing apparel category provides products like San Jamar's Pot and Sink Dish Washing Glove. This dishwashing glove provides an excellent grip when an employee is washing pots and other dishes. Dishwashing gloves that feature a grip is important  as is other features like seamless designs. The seamless design keeps your hands fully protected, reducing the chance of chemical exposure. Beyond dishwashing gloves, investing in waterproof aprons that prevent wet uniforms. 

Shop the warewashing apparel category for dishwashing clothes and dish towels. Find towels for your commercial and residential kitchen. Chef Revival's Multi-Stripe Terry Towel would work well in homes and businesses. The warewashing apparel category holds the products you need to stay comfortable after washing dishes. At Public Kitchen Supply we know that dishwashing is a messy job in a commercial kitchen, stay clean and professional, shop our warewashing apparel category.
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