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Restaurant signs are important to a successful business. You're customers need to know where restrooms are located, when floors or wet, along with additional information. Use our restaurant signs to keep your customers and employees informed. We all hate walking into a restaurant for the first time and not knowing what the proper procedure is. Use signs throughout your business to keep your customers and employees confident.

The signs category provides items from manufacturers like Update International , Co-Rect Products and International Patterns. These manufacturers provide strong, professional signs. These manufacturers offers products like wet floor signs and employees must wash hands signs. Update International's 24" x 12" Wet Floor Sign is an important tool for restaurants, grocery stores, institutions and any public area that is regularly mopped. A wet floor signs protects customers from possible injury and protects your business from potential law suits. Update International's Wet Floor Sign as a classic fold-out design that is light and simple to assemble. The sign is made out of polypropylene material and is a bright yellow in color.

Our Signs category includes spare magnets for signs. This is a helpful product because it allows you to post store hours. Purchase International Pattern's Spare Magnets for Sign ahead of time. It is the perfect product if your original sign magnets break or become lost. At Public Kitchen Supply we understand the importance of information. Inform guests and employee by purchasing signs from our signs category. Public Kitchen Supply's signs category is an excellent category for restaurants and stores.

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