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Misc Table Top

The miscellaneous table top category includes a wide selection of products. In the miscellaneous table top category you can find wooden salad bowls, pie servers, plastic ashtrays and more. Our miscellaneous table top category works with manufacturers like Update International.

The supplies you place on top of your restaurant tables are there for your customers convenience. Make sure you have sugar packet holders, ashtrays, silverware, and more to help them. Do you serve salad as an appetizer? Use Update Internationals 6", 8", or 10" salad bowl. Update International's Wood Salad Bowls work well in homes and in businesses. Wooden salad bowls and dishes are great for kitchens. They provide an attractive natural, durable design. Use Update International's Wooden Salad Bowl to serve food family style.

Another great product for residential and commercial kitchens is Update International's 10" Pie/Pastry Server. At Public Kitchen Supply we know it can be difficult to smoothly cut into pies and pastries. Update International's Pie or Pastry Server will cleanly serve desserts. This pie and pastry server is great for cakes, pies, tarts, cobblers, and more! Purchase Update Internationals 10 Pie/Pastry Server for your bakery, diner, home or dessert shop.

Our Update International Sugar Packet Holders are ideal for diners and coffee shops. Customers will appreciate the convenience of easy to grab sugars and sweeteners. Public Kitchen Supply's miscellaneous table top category carry's table top products that often go forgotten. Be sure checking out be sure to check out our miscellaneous table top category. You just might be reminded of a product you have forgotten.

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