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Blender Jars

Commercial blender jars, like our selection from Blendtec, are great to use as replacements when your blender jar gets old and unsightly. Or maybe you're just shopping for more blender jars to keep up with your customer's blending demand.

We offer Wildside and Chef Jars in the 3 quart size, both clear and colored. Use the colored jars for food allergies, keep cross-contamination out of your kitchen. Clear jars are beneficial too, they allow you to easily see a jars contents. In our Blender Jars Replacement Parts you will find jars made out of glass, stainless steel, polycarbonate and other materials.

At Public Kitchen Supply we understand that every kitchen has a different vision. For some simplicity is key, others aim for durability. Perhaps you are looking for a stylish, professional jar for the front of house or a sturdy stainless steel jar for the back of the house, we have both. We believe a kitchens identity and culture is the sum of every small part. At Public Kitchen Supply you don't have to settle on a replacement part, we'll find what you need.

Whatever your blender jar need is, we will help you find the jar that works best for your kitchen. You'll notice our commercial blender jars come with either hard lids, gripper lids, soft lids, or vented lids on these replacement jars. We have plenty of options. Depend on Public Kitchen Supply to provide strong, reliable blender jars. Consider buying a replacement jar along with your initial blender purchase.

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