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Fry Pans

We have a limited quantity of fry pans available on our site.
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A good-quality fry pan can go a long ways in a home or commercial kitchen. Fry pans are great tools for making a variety of meals. Entire entrees can potentially be made in a large fry pan without any other pieces of cookware. While there are a variety of styles of fry pans to be chosen from including natural fry pans, non-stick fry pans, cast iron fry pans, copper fry pans and more. The type of material a frying pan is made of is very important to what you will be cooking. Cast iron is a great material if you are cooking a food that once fried, needs to be baked in the oven as well. Cast iron can move from stovetop to oven without a glitch. Typically however, you start with non-stick fry pans or natural fry pans.

When you select a non-stick fry pan you can appreciate Browne-Halco's special Excalibur coating they use to prevent food from sticking. Non-stick pans do require a bit more attention as well as care when handling it, but the cleanup of a non-stick fry pan is drastically short. The non-stick coating that Browne uses on these fry pans are ones that everyone can appreciate regardless if you just cook for a family or if you cook for an entire restaurant full of hungry customers.

A natural style fry pan, on the other hand, does not feature the typical black layer on the cooking surface, these feature their natural material. Because of this, these pans can typically withstand more abuse, and be used in a wider variety of settings as it doesn't feature the more sensitive coating. The heat conductivity of a natural style frying pan is often argued to be better, as there is no additional layer to heat through.

When purchasing a fry pan, choosing the right one comes down to preference, what you will be cooking, and if cleanup is an important deciding factor. Whichever your need, you will find a nice selection between our stock of natural fry pans and non-stick fry pans.


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