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Dunnage Racks & Accessories

Dunnage racks are designed to keep food products off the ground and properly stored. You can use Dunnage Racks for cabinet storage too. In Public Kitchen Supply's Dunnage Racks and Accessories category you will find everything you need for safe, proper food storage. In this category Public kitchen Supply carries brands like Berner, Channel Manufacturing, Rubbermaid and others. Find products like Rubbermaid's 4-shelf Ingredient Bin Rack. The Bin Rack has four shelves. Each shelf is design to hold up to 200 lbs. for eight 40-cup ingredients bins. The 4-Shelf Ingredient Bin Rack is a great purchase for kitchens that want their ingredients on demand. Find other products like air doors and air curtains. Air doors are designed to eliminate insects, dust and other debris from your kitchen. Air doors will help keep warm or cool air inside. Air doors like Berner's 48" Aristocrat Air Door us secured with a five year parts warranty on unheated units. Product warranties demonstrate product quality and manufacturer integrity.

Public Kitchen Supply strongly recommends air doors and curtains for any restaurant with high traffic. Public Kitchen Supply encourages you to shop our Dunnage Racks and Accessories category before checking out. Most of Public Kitchen Supply's appliances are secured with UL Listing, NSF Approval and other certifications. You will be amazed at the incredible, inexpensive tools you come across in this section. At Public Kitchen Supply we work with manufacturers that have earned a reputation for product quality and customer satisfaction. Come to Public Kitchen supply for your Dunnage Racks and Accessories.

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