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Toilet Cleaning

Many customers will stop going to a restaurant if they consistently find that the bathrooms are dirty. People often link a dirty restroom to a dirty kitchen, making customers question the food they're ordering. While dirty restrooms may not directly affect your restaurant kitchen they can spread disease. At Public Kitchen Supply we emphasize restaurant cleanliness.

We created the Toilet Cleaning category for homes and businesses. Purchase helpful toilet cleaning tools like Continental Commercial's Utility Brush with 20" Handle will help keep your restroom toilets clean. Be sure to buy Rubbermaid's Toilet Bowl Brush Holder when you buy the Utility Brush. Toilet bowl brush holders are important because they keep bacteria from the toilet trapped in the brush holder bowl. Toilet bowl brush holders also make toilet brushes less unattractive. Dirty toilets can spread dangerous diseases. These diseases can lead to serious illness or even death. It's critical that toilets are kept clean with the proper tools.

You can find the toilet cleaning tools you need in Public Kitchen Supply's Toilet Cleaning Category. The Toilet Cleaning category carries additional products like Carlisle's 21" Ergonomic Toilet Plunger or Update International's Urinal Screen with Deodorizer. Products like the Urinal Screen with Deodorizer will keep your urinals fresh and free from unpleasant odors. The best way to maintain a health restroom is regular, thorough cleaning. We recommend restaurants check restroom cleanliness at least once an hour. This can be easily enforced by working this small task into employees' daily duties.

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