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Freezers are one of the most important factors in food safety. Freezers keep food fresh and the growth of bacteria. Bacteria must have moisture, nutrients and a warm climate to grow. When you create an environment that's bellow 40 °F bacteria cannot live. Eliminating bacteria growth will prevent foodborne illnesses and extend your foods shelf life. Keeping foods at ideal temperatures is critical in a professional, commercial kitchen. Public Kitchen Supply's Freezers Category offers a wide variety of freezers that will last in your business. In this category you can found popular brands like True, Turbo Air and Saturn. We carry Freezers in numerous shapes and sizes. Find small, compact freezers like Trues' Low Profile 27 Under-Counter Freezer. This appliance is ideal for restaurants in search of a freezer with a low-profile design. True built this appliance with ice-cream and yogurt shops in mind.

If you need a freezer with a high capacity we have those too! Consider purchasing the 78" Glass Door Freezer featuring two-sections for cafeterias and grocery stories. This freezer was built for easy product viewing. Find what you need quickly. True designed the 78 Glass Door Freezer out of reliable materials like vinyl and stainless steel. You'll immediately recognize the freezers quality by its energy star label and NSF approved interior. Shop Public Kitchen Supply's Freezer Category for a large selection of appliances. Were sure we can find a freezer that matches your kitchens wants, needs and budget. At Public Kitchen Supply we know its better to have options. So, have your choice of the markets best freezers at Public Kitchen Supply.

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