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Public Kitchen Supply has a large griddle category with many diverse options. Public Kitchen Supply carries both medium and heavy-duty options for your restaurant kitchen. Each style is made to sit on top of a countertop without burning it, thanks to the griddles sturdy adjustable feet. Public Kitchen Supply carries griddles ranging in size from 16" to 48" wide, these commercial griddles from Saturn Equipment have stainless steel construction and burners with their own temperature control knob. Many of Saturn's griddles feature a removable drip tray, and side and back-splashes for easy cleaning. Commercial griddles are useful for many kitchen recipes. Purchase a griddle for pancakes, eggs, cooked vegetables and much more. If you own a restaurant your must shop this category. In Public Kitchen Supply's Griddles category you can find thermostatic or manual griddles. Our thermostatic griddles typically have adjustable dials that read exact temperature settings. Manual griddles typically have adjustable dials at low, medium and high intervals. Thermostatic griddles are typically a bit more expensive than manual griddles but they are fantastic for cooks that use their griddle daily. A sales representative will be happy to assist you in choosing a griddle. Nearly every kitchen needs a griddle for one recipe or another. If your commercial kitchen is missing a griddle, shop Public Kitchen Supply's Griddles category today. 

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