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Chef Shoes

Shop our selection of Chef Shoes from the number one chef shoe manufacturer Mozo Shoes. Mozo Shoes knows the qualities that chef shoes need to have to help their chef be successful. Mozo gets inspiration from the best chefs in the business. They produce excellent quality non slip shoes for men as well as non slip shoes for women.

Mozo's signature style is a kitchen clog providing chefs the ability to easily put on their work shoes in a rush. Kitchen clogs are a great style since there's no shoe laces to trip up the wearer and are often considered a "safety shoe" when combined with the non slip sole that Mozo boasts.

However, not all of Mozo's shoes are the traditional black chef shoe, Mozo is taking chef's standard non-slip shoe a step further, and producing stylish non-slip shoes making them wearable by more industries. Browse around their colorful non slip shoes for women or unique hi-top style for men and find the kitchen shoe to keep up with you in the kitchen.

About Chef Shoes

What makes a chef shoe different from your standard shoe is qualities including non slip soles, interior cushion and a slip-on design. It's no secret that chefs are always on their feet. They need to stay on their feet too. There's no leeway for tired feet or slipping on the job. Shoes designed with chefs in mind have superior traction on the bottom to prevent slips and falls on wet kitchen floors. Interiorly, each chef shoe features removable soles to add cushion or remove cushioning as needed to customize the fit of the chef shoe to the wearer. Lastly, chefs need to be able to slip on their non-slip shoe quickly and easily at the beginning of their shift, most chef shoes do have a clog style to allow this.

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