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Chemical Items

Commercial kitchens call for heavy duty cleaning chemicals for tricky stains and messes. In Public Kitchen Supply's Chemical Items category you will find a large selection of cleaning chemicals that will help you tackle a variety of messes. Public kitchen Supply works with manufacturers like Chemco and SSDC in our Chemical Items category. We carry products like Chemco's Kleer Wash Dish Detergent. This dish detergent will keep dishes clean, quickly removing grease and dried on foods. The Kleer Wash Dish Detergent is made to work in your dishwasher. Another popular cleaning product in our Chemical Items Category is Chemco's Concrete Cleaner. The Concrete Cleaner chemical will remove stains on concrete. This chemical will help you remove gun, oil stains and even graffiti. It's biodegradable, promising to be kind to your business and the environment.

You're businesses outside appearance is important. It's the first thing your customers see. Public Kitchen Supply recommends Chemco's Concrete Cleaner to drive-thrus and any business with a concrete patio. In Public Kitchen Supply's Chemical Items category you will find other helpful products like sprayers and chlorine test strips. Use sprayers to easily dispense chemical solution. Chlorine test strips are important when mixing your own chemical solutions. Public Kitchen Supply encourages you to purchase these products for a well-maintained business. Public Kitchen Supply's Chemical Items category is a great place to shop for nearly any restaurant kitchen. You can even purchase the chemicals in this category for your home. Make Public Kitchen Supply your one-stop-shop!

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