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Food Scales

We have a limited quantity of food scales available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Food Scales at JES Restaurant Equipment.

Portion control is extremely important in a commercial kitchen. Weighing ingredients keeps recipes consistent, portions reasonable, and restaurant costs down. Public Kitchen Supply's food scales category is divided into two sections, digital scales and rotating dials, for easy browsing.

Our digital scale section provides products like Edlund's Digital Portion Scales. These Digital Portion Scales are self-calibrating digital portion scales designed to give you a precise, accurate weight every time. Edlund's scales tend to have a stainless steel body making it very easy to clean. If you're looking for a more traditional food scale choose one from our Rotating Dial Scales. Rubbermaid offers a variety of Mechanical Portion Scales that feature rotating dials for easy reading. Ideal for color coding in the kitchen, each size features a different colored dial. Rubbermaid completes each of these with a shatter-resistant lens.

Choosing a food scale for your kitchen can be difficult. Both digital scales and rotating dials have advantages and disadvantages. Digital scales tend to be more expensive than rotating dials, but they offer a more precise measurement. Rotating dials are less expensive but its often required that they be re-calibrated for accurate measuring. Before purchasing a food scale for your restaurant kitchen or home we recommend you think through all the uses for it, and what exactly you'll need to purchase to be the best investment.
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