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Brooms & Dust Pans

Sweeping floors is basic house and business hygiene. If floors are not regularly swept then dirt, trash and other left-behind particles will build up. House guests and customers will quickly notice if floors are grimy and dirty. In the kitchen, floors quickly become dirty with crumbs. Kitchen brooms need to be flexible enough to reach crumbs hidden in the corner and under furniture. To truly sweep a floor well people need the proper tools and time.

At Public Kitchen Supply we created the Brooms and Dust Pans category for your floors. In the Brooms and Dust Pans category we carry products like Update International's Black Angled Broom. This broom is great at sweeping hard to reach areas. Its angled design allows it reach difficult areas. Use Rubbermaid's Executive Lobby Pro Dust Pan to collect the swept up dirt. The executive lobby pro dust pan is especially helpful because you do not have to bend down to use it. This dust pan feature an adjustable handle grip, enhancing user comfort. It has durable rear wheels, they protect floors from scrapes and makes the dust pan easy to move. You can even hang the Executive Lobby Pro Dust Pan.

Home kitchens should sweep their floors at least a few times a week or sooner if a glass breaks or the floor becomes irregularly dirty. Commercial kitchens should sweep their floors much more frequently. Restaurants are encouraged to sweep their kitchen and lobby at least a few times daily. Public Kitchen Supply encourages customers to shop our Brooms and Dust Pans category.

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