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Pole Displays

Pole Displays are a popular type of customer display because they are small, compact, and adjustable. They offer a bright lettering that can easily list products and pricing. Most companies attach pole displays above cash registers, easily displaying a customers purchase. Point of Sale, Pole Displays are helpful in stores and restaurants.

At Public Kitchen Supply we have a category dedicated to Pole Displays. Our Pole Display from IPOs is unique from others. If features smart and vertical scrolling. The Pole Displays smart scrolling allows words to flow smoothly on the screen. It will not cut off words or create awkward sentences. The IPOS Character Pole Display features a built in real time clock, keeping businesses on time. This Character Pole Display comes with a wide range of interfaces for flexibility. It can emulate many popular command sets. The Pole Display has an optically matched lens and wider character pins allowing for better visibility. IPOs Character Pole Display features a 1 year manufacturer's warranty, ensuring longevity.

Shop our pole displays category and enhance store-customer communication. At Public Kitchen Supply we believe communication is key. Pole Displays offer clear, precise written communication. We strongly advise shops to invest in Pole Displays. Pole Displays are especially important for fast paced environments like coffee shops and fast food restaurants.

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